Covid-19 policy

      Increased Cleaning and Cleaning Standards

  • We are also going to be using a viricidal fogging machine.  This mists the property killing bacteria and the viruses including the virus that causes COVID 19.  The product used is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency in the US and BSEN (British Standard Adoption of a European Standard).  It is non-toxic and has very little indication of allergy.  Our cleaners will then enter the property and clean (vacuum etc).  The liquid D7 will also be used as a hard surface cleaner.  The fogging provides protection for 2 weeks.
  • Our cleaning staff will have a list of all cleaning tasks to be completed (inc door handles/light switches/ensuring all crockery and utensils have been properly cleaned etc etc) We will also be asking our guests to also be extra vigilant. We kindly ask our guests to strip their beds and place all linens in black bin bags provided so that the bags can be put picked up straight away without any need for our cleaners to shake linens around before they are cleaned.
  • The cleaning regime will take up extra time, so we have extended our normal check in time from 3pm to 4pm. Our main priority is to ensure all cleaning tasks are met. We will ensure that we clearly communicate with our guests before arrival to make sure they are clear about what they will be expected to do and how to comply with social distancing and hygiene protocols.

     Communication with guests

  • We are looking to produce a micro-website ( for all your guests coming to Belle Aire which will provide them with all the necessary rules around social distancing and hygiene.  By providing the information digitally, we are minimising paper handling for our staff and guests.
  • It will also detail services available (food and drink takeaway/groceries) and other purchases.  We are also adding an e-commerce page to our website so people can buy online and either collect or have a delivery
  • Information on entertainment - we are planning on offering socially distanced entertainment by taking entertainment outside.
  • Timely information - we have seen from this crisis that getting information out to people quickly is key.  This microsite would enable us to do that.
  • We aim to have a QR code in our accommodation so that it can be scanned and takes the guests to the micro site.
  • Summer and beyond services

  • We will be looking to provide a ‘mini-market’ in the club/shop.  This would be a socially distanced shop that allows people to do their grocery shopping away from the local supermarkets (and queues).  We are very mindful how worried local residents are about holidaymakers returning so we believe we should try and provide as much as possible on site.  We would also be looking to provide ‘holiday hampers’ where we can put together a box of food/drinks/goodies for guests when they arrive or during their holiday.
  • We will be opening up the kitchen for takeaways and deliveries and will also be offering frozen meals for people to cook themselves.
  • FAQS

    You may have a few questions...

     I have symptoms of a high fever/new persistent cough and the Government advice is to self-isolate. I’m due to come to Belle Aire Holiday Park Hemsby (within seven days) - what if I need to cancel?

    If you are experiencing any of the symptoms that the Government has stated that you need to self-isolate for, then you can move your break free of charge. 

     The booking can be transferred to a to any other time in year and even into 2021 subject to availability.

  • The quickest and easiest way to amend your break is to email on or contact us direct on 01493 732 176 where we will be happy to assist you.

  • What should I do if I feel unwell on park?

    If you are staying with us and feel unwell, we recommend you return to your accommodation and take the NHS advice to call 111 to talk to a medical professional who can provide guidance in regard to any health concerns. If they advise that you should self-isolate or need medical attention, please call the Customer Experience Manager on 07872518056 and we will assist you further.


    Where can I receive more information about Coronavirus? 

    We would advise you to check the GOV.UK website for the most up to date information: 


    What can I do to protect myself?

    Whether visiting our park or planning to shortly, we would ask all our guests to take the following sensible Government advice: 


    • Washing hands regularly. Wash hands for at least 30 seconds and use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser if soap and water is not available. 

    • Maintain good hygiene practices such as using tissues when coughing or sneezing, and disposing of the tissue in a bin

     Thank You,

  • Tony Witheridge

  •  For Carefree Holidays.