Peace of mind protection - Your holiday cancellation protection

Unlike traditional holiday insurance our cancellation plan provides you with peace of mind from the moment you make your holiday booking. For one small charge of £6 on a short break or £10 on a full weeks booking your balance of the holiday is protected (excludes your non-returnable deposit £56 on short breaks and £70 on full weeks holidays).

Our unique protection covers you and the owners of our holiday homes with the right cover, clearly our owners who reserve accommodation on your behalf also need the reassurance that they will be paid for their accommodation should the necessity arise to cancel a booking at the last minute. The person who initially makes the booking is responsible for the full hire cost, even if you decide you are unable to take the holiday as planned.

Our cancellation protection is now mandatory - this small charge must be paid at the time of your booking unless you have obtained alternative cover which matches or exceeds that which we have been able to arrange on your behalf. If you make the decision to opt out of this cancellation protection then proof of cover must be provided in writing and a copy of the policy should be provided for our approval.

*Please note this is not Travel Insurance this is Carefree Holidays own Cancellation Agreement with you - see notes regarding travel insurance at bottom of page.

Should you need to cancel for one of the following reasons:

  • Illness, Injury, death or maternity of any member of your party.
  • A medical or death certificate is reqired in all cases.

Please call our main offices at your earliest possible convenience followed by a written explanation of your reasons for cancelling. It is imperative to telephone as early as possible, claims for medical reasons should be supported with medical certificates. For bereavement a copy of the death certificate should be supplied.

If you cancel your holiday after the balance of hire is due or has been paid and the supporting evidence is correct then we will refund your balance of hire (or relieve you of the responsibility of the payment of the balance if it is still outstanding).


  • Your initial deposit (this is deemed a booking fee)
  • Disinclination to travel
  • Claims as a result of any accident or illness of your family pets
  • Changes in your financial circumstances or unemployment
  • Curtailment of holiday
  • track & trace isolation without proof

*Carefree Holidays do not offer Travel Insurance, please check that your party and valuables are adequately covered with your Insurance Broker (your home insurance may cover you, please check before commencing your holiday).